Astronomical society urges people to provide evidence on sighting

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Astronomical Society has urged Gandaki province residents to provide further evidence on an unknown object observed entering the atmosphere from space, as many people had reported sighting a bright object flying towards the Earth followed by a crashing sound.

On Thursday night, people from Western parts of Nepal had taken to social media to report sighting of the ‘burning’ object .

Although a few rubbished the posts as hoax, repeated accounts of the event lead to a wider speculation and eventually, NASO’s response, seeking evidence to look into the matter.

The society, meanwhile, stated that the object could be a fireball or a bolide (very bright meteor, one that explodes in the atmosphere.)

“The object seen in the Nepali sky this evening is probably a fireball or a bolide. We are looking into the matter and will share more updates tomorrow,” it said in a statement late on Thursday.

NASO urged people to provide details of the event- “If you are from Gandaki Pradesh and have some evidence that may be helpful to investigate the event, please contact us.”

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