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It’s not called the ATM party for nothing…

For those believing the pending motion of no confidence against Cyril Ramaphosa isn’t a big deal is too look at the ATM party on the surface as being small, not realising it is possibly an iceberg.

I’ll try an avoid the number of metaphors one could write into this piece, but sometimes they are the only effective way to convey the potential calamitous seriousness of a situation.

For those believing the pending motion of no confidence against Cyril Ramaphosa isn’t a big deal is too look at the ATM party on the surface as being small, not realising it is possibly an iceberg.

The true facts lie well beneath the surface.

It’s quite a startling move, during the eye of a global pandemic to try remove a sitting president for… what exactly? Being relatively ineffective? Or has he been?

I was at The Daily Maverick’s The Gathering a year or so ago, and the first guest for a session invited on stage was the former ANN7’s Jimmy Manyi. He walked up, and selected a seat. Shortly thereafter he was joined by the other panelists. Soon into the discussion he raised unconscious bias and pointed out to the audience that he was in fact the only panelist that never received a scatter cushion behind his back due to his race. At this point we were all meant to forget that he was first on stage and chose exactly where he sat, only to create a false drama moments later…

At the same time or thereabouts, Black Land First had flown in to Cape Town, made their way to the CTICC and were heard hollering outside the doors to be let in to disrupt the event.

Why they were there remains unclear as land allocation doesn’t happen at a Daily Maverick conference as I understand.

So, why raise these two seemingly disconnected events?

Well both Jimmy Manyi and BLF are part of the ATM – and in this instance, I mean the political party that ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule (currently out on bail) and former “President” Jacob Zuma, allegedly had a hand in creating according to numerous news sources.

We’ll also recall that Zuma’s close friends and his son Duduzane’s business partners are the Guptas, who SA’s legal system is trying to welcome back home for their role in #StateCapture. Why mention them… well, they “sold” ANN7 to Jimmy Manyi of the ATM Movement and Scatter Cushion Scandal fame…

So, those who feel a minnow party is bringing a motion of no confidence against President Ramaphosa, are seriously mistaken.

This is possibly an orchestrated attack by proxy, by all those whose snouts have been chased out the trough and many who have The Hawks waiting to swoop. Individuals and maybe even certain governments whose deals under the Zupta Regime came to an abrupt end. Some of which we are currently hearing at the Zondo Commission.

The ATM iceberg could very well be the exact vehicle the Zupta Cabal will try and use to remove President Ramaphosa.

And so another player enters stage left, Julius Malema: how will he instruct his EFF MPs to vote? Absolutely to remove President Ramaphosa.


Because it’s growing increasingly hot in the VBS kitchen, to the extent that he even instructed his followers to invade the homes of our SA Police officers this week and to deal with them. That Police Minister Cele has not charged and arrested him for inciting violence against his police force is unforgivable, highly questionable and a betrayal of the country.

Then look at the official opposition. The DA. How will they vote in the no-confidence motion? If they do vote tactically against President Ramaphosa to create chaos and possibly an opportunity, it will be disastrous.

If they don’t like or value the president, then the most responsible thing they can do is abstain. It would be beyond irresponsible to vote against President Ramaphosa and not for a second should the DA, Cope, ACDP, FF or any other sane party believe there is anything but a catastrophe for SA should they vote to remove him.

There is no reason to vote to remove him, mid-global pandemic, at the very moment that the perpetrators and beneficiaries of #StateCapture are being brought to book. One also need to assess who the president will be should this motion pass…

Given the divided nature of the ANC it is almost certain that a number of their MP’s would love to vote to remove Ramaphosa and would do so should there be a secret vote. Unlike the united front the ANC demonstrated to protect Zuma through seven of the eight motions of no confidence while over R1-trillion rand was being looted, there will be nothing close to that support for President Ramaphosa, the man who is trying to stop the theft.

They say where there is smoke there is fire. In this instance it is Vesuvius and we are Pompeii. Should this motion carry, all bets are off. This country will once again embark on a journey of staggering corruption, except now, there is hardly anything left to steal. Our State coffers are empty, so pension funds, properties and assets will be raided.

The ANC should close ranks quickly around President Ramaphosa and the other political parties, aside from the EFF and ATM, should unite in upholding the integrity of Parliament, such as it is, and the Constitution of our country in protecting its citizens.

Be sure, the wolves are at the gate. Collectively, as individuals, corporates, party funders and the global community, we need to keep them firmly shut. DM

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