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Zimbabwe is in crisis – SACP, unlike ANC, slams Zanu-PF over ‘growing authoritarianism’

SACP Second Deputy General Secretary Solly Mapaila addressing the Cape Town Press Club. (Jan Gerber, News24)

  • The SACP calls out Zimbabwean government for its “growing authoritarianism”. 
  • It said while Zanu-PF was denying the nation was in a crisis, many Zimbabweans were running away from their country. 
  • This, after the ANC visited Zimbabwe recently as reports of human rights violations continue to emerge. 

The SACP’s first deputy secretary Solly Mapaila has hit out at the Zimbabwean government and Zanu-PF for its “growing authoritarianism”, a stance that contradicts that of its alliance partner, the ANC. 

Commenting on the Zanu-PF government during a virtual media briefing in a post central committee meeting, Mapaila said it was a pipe dream for any revolutionary movement to think they could achieve any objectives without their people.

“There is growing authoritarianism in Zimbabwe which we reject with the contempt it deserves. Particularly from our comrades in Zanu-PF. We don’t think a revolutionary movement should decline in its ethos and democratic practices in the manner that is happening, whilst denying it, we see that many Zimbabweans are running away from their own country,” he said. 

Mapaila’s statement was in stark contrast to that of the ANC’s, which denied that neighbouring Zimbabwe was facing a crisis. 

In its return from an overnight visit to the country last week to meet with Zanu-PF leaders, the ANC, led by secretary-general Ace Magashule, said Zimbabwe’s problems were a “challenge” rather than a “crisis”. 

The opposition party in Zimbabwe, the MDC, accused the Zanu-PF government of escalating abductions, torture and the wrongful imprisonment of the government’s critics. 

Bloomberg reported that aid agencies estimated that 60% of Zimbabweans would need help finding food by April 2021. The country also faced medicine and water shortages – with annual inflation running at 837%.

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