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“Fabulous Freshman” Carter Savoie right now outpacing Habs hot shot prospect Cole Caufield in points per game

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Savoie wasn’t invited to the Team Canada camp, as he wasn’t so highly rated before the season started, but if he can stay close to this level of scoring, he’ll likely get an invite next year, which would be his final year of eligibility. That tournament will also be held in Edmonton and in Red Deer.

This year, Broberg will play for Sweden, with both Zegras and Caufield on Team USA, which should make for a few grudge matches, at least from an Oilers fan perspective.

Finally, here are game grades for Savoie’s latest two games:

Carter Savoie of University of Denver, 3, vs University of North Dakota, 2, Dec. 8: Grade 8

Carter Savoie scores another one early in December

Shift notes: Skates forward with the puck, and as d-man comes to him, slides it cooly to his teammate into the slot. As North Dakota wins the puck on the attack, he hustles, goes down and sprawls to block a passing lane into the slot. He plays right point on power play and gets off a good shot. He gains the blueline on power play with a strong rush and puck protect, but loses puck to d-man down low. Early in the second he takes a pass off his skate, kicks it up to stick, then moves in fast on a two-on-one, setting up his teammate with a perfect saucer pass for a Grade A shot. His head up (as it always is when he has the puck), he puck protects and moves the puck smartly on the power play. He kicks the puck to his skates in the d-zone, then advances it up ice under heavy checking. Puck protects in o-zone corner and, under pressure, feeds a pass to a teammate in the high slot. Breaks down wing, gets off rifle shot low and hard on net, drawing a penalty on the sequence. Gathers in puck at the o-zone blueline on the power play, moves it from backhand to forehand easily to beat his check, and slides a pass over to a teammate. With two minutes left in the game and the score tied 2-2, he charges up ice, takes a pass as he moves high in the o-zone, charges around a d-man, hits the left dot and fires high over the goalie’s shoulder, right where mommy keeps the cookies. It’s the winning goal, helping his team to its first win of the year.

Carter Savoie of University of Denver, 5, vs University of Miami Ohio, 1, Dec. 12: Grade 7

Shift notes: On his second shift, he takes a shot from a bad angle and rings it off the post. Wins a puck in the o-zone corner and whips it fast cross-seam into the slot for a dangerous shot. On the power play at left point, he takes a pass, stick handles once, then drills a cross seam diagonal pass for a Grade A chance in the slot. On a broken slot play where an opposing d-man tips the puck, Savoie pounces and slams home the loose puck for a goal.Early in the second he digs hard in the d-zone to win the puck, then lofts it high and out of his zone. Jumps on a rebound and slams a puck on net, then throws a hard hit in the o-zone. Takes a puck on his backhand, moves it fast to his forehand then slams a wide angle shot on net, almost scoring. Tries to puck protect in o-zone and gets levelled by a check from a huge Miami d-man. Strips a puck from an opposing d-man at centre ice, then sends his teammates in on a two-on-one. Takes a rebound shot in his own ice and quickly head-mans the puck for a two-on-non rush and a goal by Michael Benning. He gathers in the puck off a face-off and slams a hard shot on net. His last shift ends at 5:25 of the third and his team up 5-1.

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