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Twitter Users Mock Melania Trump’s ‘Who Gives A F**k About Christmas’ Tree

First lady Melania Trump welcomed the arrival of her final White House Christmas tree on Monday, a gesture likely greeted with a sigh of relief given her antipathy toward holiday decor. 

“I’m working like a, my ass off at Christmas stuff,” she said. “You know, who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration but I need to do it, right?”

Twitter users were quick to deliver some reminders of those comments. 

Comedy legend Eric Idle of Monty Python fame suggested that the first lady can duet with him on “Fuck Christmas.”

He’s referring, of course, to this holiday classic, from a 2014 performance at Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s “Christmas Compendium of Reason.”

Others also noted the first lady’s personal war on Christmas:

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