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Scott Morrison responds to Queensland Premier

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has responded to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s claim that he ‘bullied’ her in a phone call today, regarding a 26-year-old Canberran being allowed to attend her father’s funeral.

Speaking to Sky News host Peta Credlin tonight, Mr Morrison said he “doesn’t really care” what is said about him.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about her. It was about Sarah, it was about Isobel, it was about Merna, and it was about Bernard,” he said.

“That’s the only stuff that mattered today. I mean, it wasn’t about borders, it wasn’t about whether they should be up or down, it wasn’t even about jobs today, and jobs are incredibly important.

“This was just one day I had hoped that something different could be done.

“And I spoke to Sarah today, and we chatted for a little while. She sent me a lovely message. But that just, I think, shows the generosity of her spirit, on what must just have been the most horrible of days for her.

“I’ve seen the images of when she went to see her dad. And there have been some shocking days during the course of this pandemic, and today was – today just hurt. It’s not just about Sarah’s case. Because there are others.

“You know, we’ve got to find a – if these things have got to be up, if that’s the view, they’ve got to find a better way – those who have decided these measures are necessary – they’ve got to find a better way to deal with the heart here.

“I’ve dealt with many premiers on very many, many different issues, all the time. I’ve dealt with the Queensland Premier on other issues. Sadly today, I didn’t have the influence that I would hope to have.

“But Sarah doesn’t get today back. She never gets it back. And that just fills my heart with sadness.”

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