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Winners take home $1 million

A Queensland couple has become the first-ever contestants on reality renovation TV show The Block to take home more than $1 million.

Jimmy and Tam Wilkins were announced winners of The Block after selling their renovated 1950s-styled house in Brighton, Victoria, for $4.256 million, smashing its reserve by $966,000.

With $100,000 in prize money thrown on top of that, they earned themselves a total of $1,066,000, making them the first Block millionaires in the show’s 13-year history.

“Stoked, absolutely stoked. That is far and beyond anything we ever expected,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy and Tam’s home at 360A New Street Brighton, Victoria. Photo: Domain

“Taking out the win means a whole lot to us, but what means more is that everyone else did really well,” he said.

Tam said they “have no idea” what they’ll do with all the money but “the end goal for us is to buy a house, because we rent at the moment”.

“That was one of the reasons we came on the show because of our daughter Frankie – we wanted to buy a house for her,” she said.

Coming in second were Sydney couple Sarah and George Bragias who scored $650,002 after their 1940s house sold for $4,000,002.

The couple delayed starting a family to come on the show.

Now that it’s over, Sarah said “we can literally have babies now” and pay off their mortgage which they’ve had for two years.

“Our biggest hurdle in life has been our mortgage, working our arses off to get it down,” George said.

“Now it’s up to us to live life and do what we want.”

Sarah and George’s house at 362B New Street Brighton, Victoria. Photo: Domain

Melbourne father-and-daughter duo Harry and Tash Pavlou came a close third. Their 1920s-styled home sold for $4 million, $650,000 above their reserve.

Tash said she and her boyfriend Brad finally have enough money to buy their first home.

“We’ve kept it pretty wide open, but I think we’re thinking Elsternwick, or even closer to Mum and Dad – Brighton or Hampton,” she said.

Harry and Tash’s home sold for $4 million. Photo: Nine

WA couple Luke and Jasmin Neuwen scored $506,000 after their renovated home went for $3.856 million.

“I’m going straight to the bank to pay the mortgage,” Luke said.

The couple also plans to buy a caravan to show their two kids around Australia.

Luke and Jasmin’s house at 360B New Street Brighton, Victoria. Photo: Domain

South Australian team Daniel and Jade came in last.

Their six-bedroom spread sold for $3.8 million, which beat its reserve of $3.34 million by $460,000.

Block contestants took home a total of $3,332,002.

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