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FREE Webinar – Mitigating Your China Supply Chain Risk with Diversification


Because of U.S./China tariffs, increased labor costs, logistics delays and other factors, U.S. and European companies that manufacture (or source raw materials or components) in China are evaluating opportunities to diversify their supply chains into other markets, including Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Central Eastern Europe.

On Thursday, June 24th at 2pm ET/ 11am PT Harris Bricken attorneys Dan Harris and Fred Rocafort will join East West Associates directors Dan McLeod and Mark Plum to discuss the sourcing, procurement and legal challenges international companies face as they recalculate their global supply chain footprints, including:

  1. Identifying & qualifying suppliers in new markets
  2. Supplier performance improvement
  3. Downsizing Chinese procurement offices
  4. Drafting manufacturing agreements in new markets
  5. Global trademark protection

The East West Associates people will mostly focus on the operational issues and we will mostly be highlighting the legal challenges that go hand-in-hand with establishing new manufacturing and sourcing relationships.

If your company is considering diversifying its supply chain, you definitely want to tune in!



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