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Global Law and Business Podcast – Robert Walsh (Myanmar)

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Yesterday on the Global Law and Business Podcast (hosted by international attorneys Fred Rocafort and Jonathan Bench), we sped up our ordinary weekly schedule to interview a special guest regarding the fast moving situation in Myanmar.

Robert Walsh joined us for this special edition podcast, Episode #41. Robert is a project manager with nearly two decades of in-country Myanmar experience, first with the U.S. Embassy in Yangon and then as a business consultant throughout Myanmar.

We discussed:

  • Robert’s trajectory from Burmese studies in the U.S. military to private sector work in Myanmar as the country’s economy opened up.
  • The decline in U.S. engagement with Myanmar under the Trump administration and how it emboldened the Tatmadaw, Myanmar’s military.
  • The latest developments following the coup by the Tatmadaw and the accompanying detention of civilian leaders.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi and the complexities surrounding both her and how she is viewed both within Myanmar and outside the country.
  • The Rohingya issue.
  • Myanmar’s prospects for growth in the face of Tatmadaw intervention in the economy.

We also discussed reading, listening, and watching recommendations from:

We’ll see you next week when we sit down with David Knapp from Ornavera to discuss technological developments in global agriculture.

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