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Ex-Vedomosti Journalists’ VTimes News Website Goes Live

A group of former Vedomosti business daily senior editors and journalists has launched a new Russian-language news website Tuesday in partnership with The Moscow Times. 

The project came to life after the appointment of a pro-Kremlin editor-in-chief at Vedomosti sparked accusations of censorship and a mass resignation earlier this year. 

VTimes, which aims to continue Vedomosti’s tradition of independent and objective journalism, will be accessible via the Russian flag icon on The Moscow Times’ homepage. 

“From this day on, you will proceed to the VTimes website when you click on the Russian flag on our website. There you will find an even wider selection of high-quality journalistic materials, including the best stories from The Moscow Times,” reads a banner on The Moscow Times’ Russian-language section.

Vedomosti’s writers and editors had clashed with acting chief editor Andrei Shmarov, who they accused of banning negative coverage of President Vladimir Putin and his constitutional amendments.

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