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Israel asks its nuclear scientists to be cautious following Fakhrizadeh assassination – Middle East Monitor

Following the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Israeli security services have asked senior ex-nuclear scientists to take extra security measures throughout their daily lives, Israeli media reported on Friday.

The Times of Israel reported Israeli public broadcaster Kan stating that the warning was given to the Israeli nuclear scientists who worked at Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor, fearing that they could be targeted in revenge for the assassination of Fakhrizadeh.

Israeli media disclosed that this warning was issued following the public blame by Iranian officials towards Israel regarding the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist, as well as their pledge to take revenge for the assassination.

Kan reported that at least one former Dimona scientist was told to alter his daily routine, to change his movements and to be vigilant about suspicious packages.

US envoy: Iran likely to hold off on retaliation over scientist’s killing

The Times of Israel reported Brigadier General (Res) Nitzan Nuriel, a former director of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, informing Kan that precautions were necessary, even though the chances of Iran carrying out such an operation were low.

“The Iranians tried in the past to carry out attacks against senior Israeli officials overseas; I doubt they have the ability to carry out such an attack in Israel,” he expressed. “Nevertheless, people need to be cautious.”

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