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Israel distributes leaflets in Syria warning regime forces not to deal with Iran-backed militias – Middle East Monitor

Israeli forces have distributed leaflets throughout areas of southwestern Syria warning regime forces not to participate with Iranian militias and Hezbollah, following an Israeli airstrike that hit a school in the region.

According to London-based Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, which cited a media activist named Mohammed Hourani, the leaflets were seen in Syria’s southwestern Quneitra province on Wednesday morning, when regime troops were present in the area near the Golan Heights.

The leaflets warned the Syrian forces that they would be directly targeted by Israel if they collaborated with Iran-backed militants.

Some senior regime officers and commanders were also specified in the leaflets, such as General Ali Asaad of the army’s First Brigade and General Akram Hawija of the Fifth Division. This suggests that Israel possesses much more intelligence on the ground in Syria than previously thought.

Although it is not certain how the leaflets were distributed in the area, it is suspected that they were either dropped by aircraft such as drones, or strategically placed by Israeli agents on the ground.

If they were dropped via drones, it would not be the first time such a method was employed in Syria by a foreign power. Turkey previously used drones to drop its leaflets in the northwestern province of Idlib to call for civilian support last April.

Israel’s warning to Syrian regime forces came shortly after a strike that hit a school in the early hours of Wednesday. It was reportedly carried out by Israel on Iran-backed militias using the building as a base.

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