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Sudan, Oman postpone normalising ties with Israel until after US elections – Middle East Monitor

An Israeli newspaper has reported that Sudan and Oman have postponed normalising ties with Israel until after the US elections, Rai Al-Youm reported on Friday.

Reporting Israeli newspaper Maariv, Rai Al-Youm disclosed that the two Arab countries would not offer their “precious gifts” to US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the US elections.

According to Maariv, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to Washington Yousef Al-Otaiba confirmed that Sudan and Oman are not rushing towards diplomatic ties with Israel.

This came despite repeated optimistic Israeli remarks about the possible normalisation deals that could be reached with these countries, according to Al-Otaiba.

Meanwhile, Maariv’s reporter Gideon Kotz claimed that the speech of Oman’s foreign minister at the United Nations General Assembly, through which he reiterated the Palestinian right to have an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, toned down Israel’s enthusiasm regarding normalisation.

Washington: ‘Normalisation serves Israel better than annexation’

However, Sudanese Deputy Head of State General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, popularly known as Hemedti, told Sudan24 TV in Juba on Thursday night that his country is seeking ties with Israel and does not fear anyone in this regard.

“We’re not scared of anyone. But these will be relations, not normalisation,” he affirmed, without issuing timelines or explaining what he meant of the difference between relations and normalisation.

“It’s true, the Palestinian cause is important, and we ought to stand with the Palestinian people,” he urged, stressing: “We’re not talking about normalisation. We’re talking about relations. And these are relations from which we will benefit; this will be done with the consent and consultation of all parties.”

Sudan: Political forces call for accepting US’ normalisation offer

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