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Former soldier who hacked his wife to death with Gurkha knife sentenced to at least 18-and-a-half years

The court heard that Mrs Woodhall, 31, had recently left the family home in Windsor Crescent, Barnsley, to live with another man just as the coronavirus lockdown began.

The judge said she probably left because “she had had enough of your controlling and possessive behaviour”.

He heard that the couple married in 2013 but the relationship deteriorated.

On the day of her death, March 29, Mrs Woodhall returned to the couple’s home but the defendant refused to let her in and he tried to report her to the police for breaking the lockdown rules.

She then began using Facebook videos to tell this to her friends.

The judge said that, when Mrs Woodhall began to film her husband through the window, he “reacted with acute violence”.

The court heard that Mrs Woodhall suffered terrible injuries to her face, neck and head and could not be saved despite the intervention of neighbours.

Woodhall later gave himself up to police. 

The court heard that the defendant had left the British Army in 2013 and was training to be a prison officer.

Mrs Woodhall was described in court as a “beautiful and talented daughter” who worked as an operation theatre technician at Rotherham General Hospital.

She landed her “dream job” after obtaining 13 GCSEs, three A-levels and a degree at Sheffield Hallam University, her father, Paul Mason, told the court.

Mr Mason said his daughter was training to work on Covid wards when she was murdered.

Woodhall, 41, pleaded guilty to murder at a previous hearing. He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 18 years and six months.

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