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Jill Scott saluted as ‘one of our best ever’ ahead of her 150th cap for England

Dawn Scott, England fitness coach

“I started with working with Jill when she was about 14 in my first stint with the FA and we had a regional centre [in the North East]. She hasn’t changed in terms of her personality. For any player to reach 150 caps, you don’t get there without putting in all the work on and off the pitch.

“Because she was also a track runner and a distance runner she had that natural athleticism but in football you can’t just lean on that. She’s been forgetful at times and had to be reminded to do certain things, but she wouldn’t have got to this stage without committing to all the strength and conditioning, the nutrition and the recovery.

“How long can she go on for? That’s not up to me but there are players who have lifted the World Cup and other trophies when they are 40-year-old and Jill is 33. It’s possible Jill can make another World Cup, it’s up to her. It does get harder as you get older but the more you look after yourself the longer you can go.

“There are a lot of miles in those long legs of hers, there is wear and tear, but how long does Jill want to go?

“Her character is the same, she’s very much the same Jill I met all those years ago. She has this daft persona but underneath she deeply cares and is a really good leader.

“Her work rate and effort, she leads by example. You need a mix of personalities in a team sport, you need a mixture of people to have a cohesive and successful team. She brings energy, humour and, erm, interesting conversations to the group, you need players like that.”

Casey Stoney, Manchester United manager and former England teammate

“When Jill first came into the squad she was young and enthusiastic and that enthusiasm never ever changed in the many years she has played. 

Jill is one of the funniest and most genuine people I ever had the pleasure to play and with and call a friend. I roomed with her for many trips and she was as messy as she was funny.

“Jill is and has always been one the most hard working players in the England team and her fitness levels were one of the best throughout the years.

“She has been integral to both England’s and Manchester City’s success. One of the best players we have ever had.”

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