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Meghan Markle admits giving personal information to the authors of Finding Freedom 

But lawyers on behalf of the newspaper allege that she breached her own privacy because she “permitted” details about her life to be shared with the authors of Finding Freedom, including “information about the letter”.

In September, the Duchess’s legal team strenuously denied the allegation that she collaborated on the book, describing the argument as “false”, “fantastical” and “a conspiracy theory”.

Justin Rushbrooke, QC, said in written submissions that instead of getting information from confidential sources, all the authors did was “collate a vast amount of scraps of information”.

However, the amended court documents reveal that the Duchess was “concerned” that Mr Markle’s allegations that she had “abandoned him and had not even tried to contact him” would be repeated, despite being false.

She therefore told someone she knew had already been approached by the book’s authors, Omid Scobie or Carolyn Durand, that they could convey “the true position.”

The Duchess is said to be unaware to what extent “this one item of information concerning her communications with her father” was shared.

Despite the intervention, she insists that she did not speak to Mr Scobie or Ms Durand about the book, never meeting with them or being interviewed formally or informally.

The documents state that neither the Duke nor the Duchess wanted any involvement with  the book and that the only interaction the Duchess had ever had with Mr Scobie was in March, when he was invited to Buckingham Palace as the couple bid farewell to staff.

As an example of the “creative licence” used, she says a claim that Prince Harry texted his father to tell him their son Archie had been born was “plainly false” as the Prince of Wales does not have a mobile phone.

Perhaps significantly, she admits that she does not know if the Kensington Palace communications team provided any information on her behalf.

The letter at the heart of the case was sent to Mr Markle in August 2018, three months after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding.

As the newest member of the Royal Family, the Duchess “wanted to follow protocol” and so sought advice from two senior members on “how best to address the situation,” legal documents reveal.

As a result, she decided to write the letter in a bid to stop Mr Markle speaking to the press. In it, the Duchess accused her estranged father of breaking her heart “into a million pieces”.

Once she had decided to write it, she informed Mr Knauf, who had become a close confidante and had been speaking to Mr Markle on a regular basis, particularly in the run-up to her wedding.

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